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Koenigsegg Regera Rivals The Bugatti Chiron With Its 1800HP Hybrid Engine

13 Mar , 2016   Gallery

  The Bugatti Chiron isn’t alone in being able to put out ridiculous amounts of horsepower.  The Koenigsegg Agera’s replacement, the Regera, plans to take the spotlight.  Koenigsegg has just began to enter series production for this hypercar.  Weighing in at 3,505 pounds, (1000 pounds less than the Chiron) the Koenigsegg Regera utilizes its hybrid […]



Bugatti Chiron Breaks World Record for Fastest Legal Production Car

9 Mar , 2016   Gallery

The successor to the popular Bugatti Veyron is here.  Meet the Bugatti Chiron, its meaner looking descendent.  It boasts an extra 300-horsepower for a total of 1500.  Surprisingly, the supercar only beats the top speed world record by 3 mph.  Bugatti claims the Chiron is capable of hitting 261 mph (420 km/h).  We have found out […]



2017 Ford GT Requires Application To Order

8 Mar , 2016  

Ford won’t be letting just anyone purchase one of their new GT supercars, in fact, previous owners of the earlier models will be getting first dibs on the matter.  Ford has setup a specialized ordering process in where one must first apply to buy the $400,000 vehicle.  The applications have yet to be released on […]

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2016 Mitsubishi 3000GT Price

1 Sep , 2015  

With the new badge of the 2016 Mitsubishi 3000GT will wear – the official and even the rumors price figure has not arrived yet for this remarkable car breed from Mitsubishi. The 3000GT variant will be part of the sports car class, and the surprising news is that this variant is a result of two […]