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Koenigsegg Regera Rivals The Bugatti Chiron With Its 1800HP Hybrid Engine

13 Mar , 2016   Gallery

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The Bugatti Chiron isn’t alone in being able to put out ridiculous amounts of horsepower.  The Koenigsegg Agera’s replacement, the Regera, plans to take the spotlight.  Koenigsegg has just began to enter series production for this hypercar.  Weighing in at 3,505 pounds, (1000 pounds less than the Chiron) the Koenigsegg Regera utilizes its hybrid engine to launch itself from zero to 248 mph in 20 seconds.  This insane acceleration puts itself ahead of the Bugatti Chiron at the straight, but because of the Regera’s redline limit of 250 mph, the Chiron still holds the top speed record.




The Regera consists of the most cutting edge technology.  The supercar’s secret is its 1,100-horsepower 5-liter V8 twin turbo engine.  Each rear wheel and the crankshaft are also equipped with a motor.  All 3 of these motors put out a combined 700 extra horsepower giving the car a total of 1,800 estimated horses.  Koenigsegg does not mess around.  Build with a hybrid powertrain, it has no gearbox or transmission.  When driving under 30 mph, the car operates on full electricity.  However, if you were to speed up passed 30 mph, the rest of the engine kicks in to help propel the car.  The Regera was originally meant to be a comfortable road car rather than a record breaker.



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