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2018 Ferrari Dino Spy Shots

6 Oct , 2015  

We might have surprised when seeing the new label that Ferrari give to the 2018 Dino variant. This nameplate seems to arrive with the inspiration from the predecessor variant that dated back in 1968 to 1976. Certainly that seeing the four numbers that represent the arrival year of this car – we have 3-years gap with the future, and that is quite painful to wait. However, the production will begin within 1-year from now, and that make sense we can see some of the teasing photos of the facelift in the nearest time frame. Strangely, the prototype of this car has appeared in some of public testing in Ferrari’s facilities in black skin. Regardless whether the photos is right or not – let we just think positively that eventually the brand will announce the official publication loudly and clearly.

2018 Ferrari Dino Spy Shots

Some rumors consider this 2018 Dino series can give around 500 horsepower for the maximum capability of the engine. Seemingly, the engine will have somewhat of high-reviving turbo engine with a load of fresh air for the cooling assistance. A blurred voice from the brand and project team spoke person stated that this car will be in the mid-engine sport. Therefore, some of keen observer of all Ferrari’s car think that this breed receive inspiration from the 2015 Ferrari California T. This variant is a new authentic sports car that unmatched to any car. More details, this vehicle, has its personal design that serve authenticity that we cannot compare with any breed of Ferrari’s production. Well, it will be a hard thing to uncover the interior area because this car has not shared anything yet publicly for the details. Nonetheless, the material that this brand will use towards this new breed will be lots of carbon fiber for weight saving to deliver the best performance.

There is not dependable data for the 2018 Ferrari Dino engineering details but with the consecutive generation to generation of this particular breed – this future variant will use the V12 engine. This news gives us so much comfortable feeling, and that is why no wonder the horsepower can have such a massive numbers. As for the displacement, details remain unknown but the pricing can be as high as $200,000 for the estimation figures. [Image Credit: AutoCar]

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