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2017 Nissan Murano Release Date

3 Nov , 2015  

There is 2-years gap that Nissan has for the production of the 2017 Nissan Murano to the current 2015 type. Crisp outlook with the expansion as well as the development of the mechanical equipment makes this future Nissan variant will be in a stunning new look. With the 2017 badge that this car has close to its name makes the release date still in the classified phases for the current time. Muscular shape for the whole part of the exterior body will make this car is noticeable whenever passing any road. The sculptured body make this car as if it has a thick body component and surely make the car chubbier than before. So far, the changes for this future Nissan breed still in the minor level but time will fly, and it still can change into major changes.

2017 Nissan Murano Front Design

Front View

Shiny and sleek body characteristic is only a few of its signature body construction, and the whole lowest section will receive a chrome skirt while the front end has a black skirt. Engine arrangement that Nissan will bring with this car will be using the 2.5 liters. Estimation for the horsepower of the car will be around 250 HP while the torque section will be approximately at 243 lb-ft. It seems that the engine has little bit similarities with the 2016 Nissan NP300 Navara. Using the same 2.5 liters can produce this NP series to have 188 Horsepower and torque capability at 332 lb-ft. The maximum speed that this car has will be around 136 MPH, and the acceleration can be at 10 seconds when travel from 0 to 60 MPH. Since this vehicle is a Pick-Up Truck class – there is going to be 2-option, and they are the Full-Size Double Cab and the Smaller King Cab.

Still mainly discussing the 2017 Nissan Murano series remind us of the first series that came out in 2002. Since its inception, this car has always been in the mid-size crossover SUV that has been progressing in plenty different design. Let we just hope that the 2017 edition will have the convertible option due to the past high demand for that option. Last but not least, the price range for the 2017 breed will start at $35,000 and can go up to $42,000.

2017 Nissan Murano Interior


[Photos: Spokesman]

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