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2017 Lincoln Continental Release Date And Interior

18 Oct , 2015  

The 2017 Lincoln Continental flagship as belong to the luxury limousines class will even amaze us with its exterior, interior as well as spec updates that this car will announce on its release date. According to some rumors, the debut performance of this car will happen first prior the official release date that the estimation will be in the second semester in 2016. As of the price, this car will start its numbers around $70,000 as the starting figures for the standard variant. One leaked news announces that this new edition will have its first scheduled to perform publicly in the prestigious 2016 International Auto show in Detroit that the designated month will be in January. All unit of this car will offer in front wheel drivetrain while the all-wheel drive remains of the alternative type. Some question regarding the Hybrid variant has been arising and as for the current investigation – the Hybrid has not been on the production.

2017 Lincoln Continental Front Design

Front Design

As far as the exterior outlook appear – all of the glassy and shiny dark blue paint show that this car is a car a high end as well as a classy vehicle. On the skirt section will use a pretty material that will have a dual function to give accent and as a protector towards any scratch on driving this car. The primary and major trademark that this future breed has on the grille will use the core idea and recipe of split grille. As the most luxurious car has in its interior section, and so does this future edition that all of the interior color and design has perfect elegant and luxuriousness vibe.

All of the seating of the 2017 Lincoln Continental series will have the new 30-way adjustable system. Moreover, the window glass, as well as the main front section, will use the sunlight protection that will protect all of the passengers and drivers to any unnecessary SUV lights. The joyful and excitement while driving will receive a pleasant accompaniment by the champagne storage compartment. Regardless of the unofficial news, some rumors predict that this car will receive 3.0 liters engine with Eco Boost that can deliver power up to 300 horsepower.

[Photos: AutoGuide]

2017 Lincoln Continental Interior


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