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2017 Land Rover LR2 Redesign

16 Sep , 2015  

The 2017 Land Rover LR2 will be a refreshment car to any predecessor variant that will be part of the family car and this LR2 will not only receive redesign touches on the exterior but interior as well. Hence, the overall looking of this vehicle is the most significant transformation and provide more attractiveness to every detail. Unlike the majority bodywork of Land Rover cars – this new LR2 will have a contemporary grooming. On the left or right side angle – it looks as if the car is a Toyota Fortuner series but this car apparently more stunning than that mentioned vehicle. The vibe that we can get from looking at the front face will be a conservative and yet fat. There will be no fog lighting instead of daytime running lights with the LED technology on both rear and front section. The pricing currently is still in the estimation figures at $38,920 and can go up to the highest at $45,000.

2017 Land Rover LR2 Redesign 1

Photos via www.motortrend.com

Despite the appearances for the 2017 Land Rover LR2 has made an official confirmation at the Geneva International Auto Show in 2014 – there are further details specs that have not arrived for the publication. That is why there are several rumors in here and there in the automotive world. As the body arrives with larger dimension – this car likely will have the ability to accommodate around seven seats comfortably. Additional sneak peak for the rear section such as this LR2 will have two exhaust types that the placement is attaching to the boy. Unlike the average vehicle who use the same exhaust pipe that is not part of the body. We also can clearly notice there is the Land Rover badge on the rear body part right above the license ID number.

This 2017 Land Rover LR2 edition seemingly is heading to the excellent engine mechanism with excellent aerodynamic advancement. The technical engine will bring up the 2.0 liters of Turbocharged with 4-cylinders along with the 9-speed transmission. The distinctive horsepower that LR2 can give is about 240 horsepower that the torque is around 251 lb-ft of torque. However, rumors seem to consider that this car will also have the 3.0 liters as the second option.

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