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2016 Pontiac Firebird Price and Release Date

3 Nov , 2015  

If we prefer a car that have an eye-dazzling construction, then we might want to try the 2016 Pontiac Firebird. The release date of this car remains unknown due to the ongoing production that still need further development in some areas. As of the price, details will happen the same on the unknown phase. Some rumors stated that this car based on the influential car from Chevy – the Camaro series. We will have a mind-blowing view because of the exterior construction that this vehicle has – we will get plenty excitement on the detail specs as well. From the stylistic viewpoint – this vehicle absorb a retro design but with the sophisticated performance of modern sports car. We can see the modern touch from the usage of the LED lighting and the low wheelbase distance to the ground. More on that, the skirt seem excessively arrive that come from the racing car influence.

2016 Pontiac Firebird Black Color

Black Edition

Simple exterior paint variant will consist of three combinations color in every unit, and they are white, red and black colors. As of the wheel size, this car will use the 20-inches size and option for the wheel remain unclear at this time but hopefully it will come as well. The identical spec that remind us with the Camaro series is the engine section that will use the 6.2 liters of the V8 engine, and the output power can be 426 HP. Recent updates for this car stated that the suspension system seems not quite satisfying, and that is why the testing and redevelopment process still need more time. The transmission setting will use the 6-speed manual type that apparently come to increase the speed performance.

Besides the 2016 Pontiac Firebird that has high-performance engine – there will be the 2017 Porsche 911 series that will enter the Turbo Era of the car. A little sneak peak for this future Porsche – it will be the car that represent fun, lightweight component, and under the limited edition production. Powering the car with the 3.8 liters engine that can produce 475 HP can make this vehicle climb the competitive world for the sports car level. Despite that the exterior body style still not go far from the Porsche identity – this vehicle will serve us best.

[Photos; Buick]

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