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2016 Mitsubishi 3000GT Price

1 Sep , 2015  

With the new badge of the 2016 Mitsubishi 3000GT will wear – the official and even the rumors price figure has not arrived yet for this remarkable car breed from Mitsubishi. The 3000GT variant will be part of the sports car class, and the surprising news is that this variant is a result of two company. The two automakers brand that make the joint venture is the Mitsubishi Motors and the Chrysler brand. Despite the limited information for the price and several in the specs section – at this time we try unveil few couple of a glimpse look towards this vehicle. As for the official release date will occur in the middle year in 2016. The attractiveness of this vehicle has undoubtedly appeared on the exterior design along at the first sight. As we can see that the height is such a typical of a sports car, and the bodywork is pretty sleek and fashionable.

2016 Mitsubishi 3000GT Price 1

Lately, the teasing photos showed the 2016 Mitsubishi 3000GT in many parts that will be beneficial for global scene who would like to have further information for this futuristic car. The rear section will receive Dual Exhaust pipe that located in the center of the rear body. The curb weight remains unknown for the exact calculation, but it seems this car will be lighter due to the carbon fiber material. The headlight at the front end will use the LED tech that the shape convey that a sportier ambiance. In the other section, the taillights serve some captivating outlook that the form is borrowing the future age to happen at this current time.

The consideration that the project team for the 2016 Mitsubishi 3000GT provide to the world still under the deep concern and consensus among the inner member of the group. However, the rumors that have been flying up around the car experts believe that this vehicle will use the 3.8 liters with V8 of DOHC that could yield the horsepower output to 560 HP as the estimation. In the meantime, the torque could give up to 480 lb-ft. As for the transmission section, this vehicle will use either six manual gearboxes or Sports Shift Transmission.

2016 Mitsubishi 3000GT Price 2

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