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2016 Chevrolet Trax Red Line Concept

26 Oct , 2015  

With the 2015 SEMA that is going to arrive, there are plenty automaker companies that get their best car and for Chevy – the 2016 Chevrolet Trax Red Line series is the one. In the exterior body, there is the new paint in sophisticated Metallic as its trademarks skin. Interestingly, this car has unusual approaches for the body paint where the exterior body has some plastic trim that spread out around the lowest section of this car. Therefore, the plastic creates a natural look of 3D appearances. On the roof, this vehicle has a Charcoal roof panel along with the new Thule roof mounting. Another cool thing that we will have on the roof is the two cross rail bridge that support additional storage for storing extra luggage or any items. It is a surprising when knowing that this vehicle has Sports Satin Graphite Accents on the fog lamps bezels, grilles, and the window moldings.

2016 Chevrolet Trax Red Line Concept

Front Design

Chevy will not just produce one concept car, but two in the same year as its siblings of this vehicle, and the second one is the Redline series. All unit will receive the new 18-inches for the wheel and with 5-spoke wheels and for best performance – there is the Concept Suspension Lowering Kit package. It will be the different thing for the Peugeot Fractal Concept car where this new model will be using the electric-car concept as its source power. Some unbelievable technology that inherently in this car is the 3D-Printed construction and this is a something new on the car making. With the electrical engine – this car can give driver dual electrical motors that each of it can deliver 102 horsepower. In the acceleration capability, this car can give 6.8 seconds when departing from 0 to 60 MPH.

Each of the 2016 Chevrolet Trax Red Line or the Peugeot new lineup offers something that new of its kind. Engine wise for the Chevy will be using the 1.4 Liters Turbocharged type that based estimation calculation can give 138 HP and 148 lb-ft of torque. For Chevy fans, there are three reasons why they intrigued by this new series, and they are the Custom Emblems with nameplates, Dark exterior trim, and Lowered Stance.

2016 Chevrolet Trax Red Line Rear Design

Rear View

[Photos: Media.Chevrolet]

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